Mayor's Message

Message From The Mayor

KASADYA Surallah!

            We welcome you all in the Municipality of Surallah where diversified people live in harmony with nature, where progress is balanced with environmental conservation.

            Our administration outlined all the plans and policies towards the attainment of our goal reducing poverty and accelerating development in the locality bring about a better quality of life for our constituents. But even with the presence of these different guideposts for development, our efforts and initiatives are hampered by the development constraints and challenges.

            We are aware of the significance of tourism in bringing development to our communities. This administration continuously commit for a productive initiatives that shall ensure sustainable development in our communities by conserving our resources and advocating tourism industry. These programs and projects bring community-based approaches that shall allow sustainable development to make its momentum through the pathway of tourism. With the involvement of the different sectors like business establishments, financing institutions, educational institutions and even children, senior citizens, and PWD’s, community-generated development paradigm will ensure that community-based resources are utilized into optimum level and development options are made without adding threats to people’s lives and property.

            We will continue our efforts to build healthy and empowered communities. We will work hand-in-hand with our constituents and institutions to develop their capabilities to promote, advocate for, partnered with an advance tourism in the Municipality.

            When we can build developed communities in our municipality then we can truly say “ KASADYA Surallah”.

Atty. Antonio O. Bendita