Founding Anniversary and Surbetube Festival


  1. The Festival:

Like any other places, Surallah endows a unique cultural traditions characterized by a mixture of tri-people distinct cultural heritage uniquely settled in the vast plains of Allah Valley Basin. The place is located at the Southwest portion of the Province of South Cotabato.

Banking on its rich cultural heritage and traditions, Surallah enables to identify the harmonious relationship among the tri-people communities and eventually identify the Surbétube Festival as the center piece of tri-people divergent cultures converged into one.

Surbétube comes from combined words “Sur” a Spanish word means “South” that specifically describe the location of Surallah in the Southern part of Allah Valley Basin and “bétube”, T’boli words meaning “At the riverbanks”.

Surbétube Festival is primarily inspired by the rich socio-cultural heritage and traditions specifically recognizing the significant contributions of the ten datus who were the original inhabitants of the municipality.

Originally, the tribal leaders called the place as “Hamto Tonok”, a land separated by rivers which identify the Safali River in the East, Lonon River in the West and the magnificent Allah River in the Central Area.

The presence of water resources, added more socio-economic benefits in the vast fertile lands of Surallah that made the early settlers enjoy the abundance of living.

The strategic location of Surallah even before the settlement period, poses its potential as the leading growth center in the Upper Valley area of South Cotabato Province.

In addition, the places serves as convergent point for socio-cultural activities thus, Surbétube Festival will sustain the showcasing of tri-people interaction between and among the early inhabitants comprised of indigenous people, our brother Muslims and later on the group of migrants coming from Luzon and Visayas during the settlement period.

  1. Impacts on Development:

The Surbétube Festival will serve as a primarily socio-cultural convergence among the tri-people of Surallah that aims to sustain the showcasing of its harmonious relationships in advancing the development direction of the municipality.

            It will also continuously gather the best talents and skills to boost socio- cultural practices towards achieving more influx of investments and better opportunities for the people of Surallah and surrounding places.


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