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One of the Most Competitive Municipalities in the Country

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“An Agro-Industrial City in South Cotabato driven by competitive and resilient communities.”

“Cultivate effective governance in building peaceful, healthy and empowered communities with diversified economy, quality infrastructure and protected environment.”

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Comprehensive education programs and scholarships.

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Employment opportunities and economic growth within the community.

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Accessible and affordable healthcare services ensuring the well-being of residents.

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Festivals and natural wonders to visit in the Municipality of Surallah.

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Transparency seal, Citizen's Charter and full disclosure reports.

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About the Municipality

Prior to the Christian settlements after World War II, only a few areas in Cotabato has developed into a growth center due to the nomadic culture of native settlers. Nine native settlements, namely Lembohung, Telehek, Kolon Botong, Be Tube, Moto Blete, Lemyan, Lemsogod, Lemkenahay and Snolon, have settled near the “Hamto Tonok” river which is now known as the Allah River.Lembohung was regarded as the center of trading activities in the area called “Seslong” and serves as a convergent point for travelers for a long journey to other trading centers in the South Eastern part of Mindanao.

Message From The Mayor

SMILE Surallah, BIDA KA!

I welcome you to Surallah – one of the most competitive municipalities in the country. Fortuitously located in the middle of the municipalities of the Upper Valley, economic, industrial, and developmental opportunities are bountiful.

Thanks to the trust of Surallanhons, I am privileged to serve Surallah as the newly-elected municipal mayor. However, various challenges are in front of us right on the first day: our post-pandemic recovery, our still stabilizing economy, our continuing vaccination efforts, and the urgent need to address our business, trade, tourism, health, and agriculture sectors…to name a few. I understand that, indeed, with all of the obstacles we face, it is necessary that the actions undertaken must be timely, appropriate, concrete, cross-sectoral, and effective.

Hon. Pedro M. Matinong JR.

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